Simon Hampton

Simon runs a consulting firm, Technology Policy Advocates, that supports disruptive, technology-using companies with regulatory and policy challenges. He remains open to full time job opportunities. Please contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Simon has a proven record of effective advocacy with unparalleled experience across of the Internet and media value chain based on:
– 5 years with Google
– 5 years with Time Warner
– 4 years with AOL, an Internet access provider
– 3 years with the Belgian incumbent telco, Belgacom

Simon is also a seasoned manager, having led a team of 45 based in 16 countries for Google.

He has also worked for the the European Commission and the UK Foreign Office, and began his career as a stockbroker in the City of London.

Simon holds a BSc in Maths (1st class) from Bristol University, an MPhil in Economics from Oxford University, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Competition Law from King’s College, London, and a growing list of achievements in computer science.


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